Dermy Applicator Brush

Dermy Applicator Brush

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Isn't it frustrating to have creams, ointments or facial masks lingering on your fingers or even stuck in your nails? Not to mention how unhygienic and messy it can get when applying. That's why we've created Dermy!

  • Dermy stands ~6 inches tall and is a BPA-free, soft n' gentle silicone brush that gives you quick and amazing coverage - while still allowing you to get every last bit of your product
  • There's a convenient suction base so that the brush stands upright! Helps with keeping things clean and creating less mess
  • The cloth case is included with every purchase and is 100% washable


  • SUCTION BASE - Secure in an upright position to most flat & dry surfaces. Avoid mess and limit contamination this way because the head of the brush won't touch the surrounding surfaces. 
  • QUICK N' EVEN  - Apply all rash creams, ointments and facial masks for an even spread, more coverage and faster applications than your fingers.
  • HYGIENIC - It can be time consuming to thoroughly wash your hands before dipping fingers into products. Dermy eliminates the need for remove product with your fingers - providing more hygienic application & so you don't have to constantly wash your hands. 
  • SOFT N' FLEXIBLE SILICONE - BPA-Free ultra-gentle silicone remains gentle on the skin and lets you get to those hard-to-reach areas. Rest assured you won't accidentally scratch sensitive skin with your nails!
  • EVERY LAST DROP - The unique angle and curvature helps you get every last drop of products. You can scrape the edges of jars, making sure you get your money's worth!