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Vivier Ultra Purifying Clay Mask

Vivier Ultra Purifying Clay Mask

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Ultra Purifying Clay Mask is carefully crafted with red and white Kaolin clay, Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Salicylic Acid to draw out impurities, firm the skin and absorb excess sebum. This purifying mask helps reveal flawless-looking skin without excess shine. With high levels of acids, this mask also acts like a mini-chemical peel. Ideal for acne-prone, oily skin types or those seeking extra exfoliation. Use with care if you have sensitive skin.

Gives an immediate firming effect to the skin
Unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores
Instantly softens the skin
Reveals a fresher, healthier, younger appearance


  • Kaolin: draws out impurities, toxins, and excess sebum without stripping moisture. Unclogs pore and minimizes the appearance of pores.
  • AHA: sloughs off dead cells on skin surface to reveal fresher, younger complexion
  • BHA: antimicrobial exfoliant
  • Hydrating, calming, skin conditioning ingredients: Allantoin, arnica, calendula, vitamin

Made in Canada.

Size: 2 FlOz. 60mL