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ArtMed Tote Bags!

Environmentally friendly shopping bag! Large ArtMed branded tote with a zipper top. Great for carrying around when shopping for your favourite products!

For every purchase of $300 or more, add a tote bag to your cart and use code TOTE10 to receive a bag for $10. 

ArtMed Tote Bag
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Why choose ArtMed?

Blog: The ArtMed Way

"From the moment you step into ArtMed, you are greeted with a smile and always so professional. I have had different treatments here with the first being Dr. Mary Peirson, to discuss different products and procedures best for me. Procedures have been administered by Dr Peirson , and different technicians and specialists along the way. All was fully explained, and I must say. I am truly happy with all I have done. The products are all pharmaceutical grade. Do yourself a favour and visit them soon."

Linda Tami

"Awesome team! Everyone is so welcoming and knowledgeable. During my initial consult and through various treatments at the clinic, Jennifer has aided me in making informed decisions about my skincare without the pressure of having to make a purchase. I truly feel like she has the health of my skin in mind. All this while swapping stories like we've known each other for years. I would not trust anyone else and have recommended her to all of my friends!"

Lauren Taylor

"Jennifer Glazer has helped with my skincare routine immensely! During COVID, I was looking to switch-up my routine (from Sephora brands) and went to her for advice. She completely transformed my routine and the products I use and I've noticed an incredible difference. I have asked Jennifer SO many questions over the last two months and she had no problem answering all of them - I really appreciate all of her help!!”

Katherine Fox

"Love this place & the staff! Beautiful, clean, bright space. I buy all my skincare here and it has worked magic on my skin. I never thought I could have clear, radiant skin but it's possible with the help of their amazing products & treatments. Staff are always happy to help with suggestions, samples, and knowledge on treatments and skin care. Thanks ladies!”

Haley Rose

"Top notch services! I’ve been going to ArtMed for about 2.5 years now and can say that my skin has improved 100% thanks to the staff and their expertise. I recommend to all my friends and family.”

Jennifer O’Grady